Congratulations to the following Masterman girls who brought back award from the Carver and Delaware Valley (Del-Val) Science Fairs!

Carver Science Fair

Gavriela Kalish-Schur: 1st place, 7th/8th grade biochemistry
Brontë Short: Naval Science Award; 1st place, 7th/8th grade engineering
Annetta Yuwono: 1st place, 9th/10th grade botany
Isabel Portner: 1st place, 9th/10th grade medicine
Maria Karakousis: 1st place, 9th/10th grade environmental science
Helena Saven: 2nd place, 9th/10th grade environmental science
Kera McCarthy: 2nd place, 9th/10th grade behavioral science


Delaware Valley Science Fair

Isabel Portner:  Category award
Annetta Yuwono:  Category award
Maria Karakousis: Category award and special award