Masterman Database Information

Historical Newspapers

Historical Newspapers featuring The Philadelphia Tribune with links to other historical newspapers, depending on the topic. This is a ProQuest Company database.

Username: 03-42691
Password: bigchalk

Free Library

The Free Library has many databases accessible through your library card and PIN. Databases with asterisks (*) next to the name are on POWER Library and require your library card number. All other databases require you input your library card number and PIN. If you do not have a pin, click on ‘Getting a LIbrary Card’ and fill out the form for getting a PIN.

Power Library

This is the place to find trustworthy answers to questions about healthcare, consumer purchases, personal finances, and much more. Enjoy 24/7 access to newspapers, magazines, journals, historical documents and photos, online databases, and eBooks. Research a subject. Learn about your family history. Locate a title. Explore career options. It’s all here at POWER Library.
Access POWER Library at school by going to Destiny Catalog Home Page at and click POWER Library under the heading, Databases.

When at home, follow the same directions, but once you select your database, you will receive a prompt to put in your library card number or e-card number.