Counselors at the Julia R. Masterman School see students in both the middle school and high school – from 5th grade through 12th. Their areas of concentration include:

  • College-related issues
  • Adjustment issues and student support
  • Information-sharing

The category of college-related issues includes the actual process of applying to college and obtaining financial aid. It also includes all aspects of the search process and career-related planning. Adjustment issues include achievement within the school and referral to outside agencies in the event of related health and/or mental health concerns. Information-sharing includes the posting of work-related opportunities, scholarships, volunteer and summer opportunities, and extracurricular academic resources.



All students from 5th to 11th grade

 A. Nelson: A  – Ha

J. Allen:  Harris – Perl

H. Marcus : Perez – Z

12th grade

Ms. Nelson: all of 12-1 and 12-2 from A-J

Mr. Allen: 12-2 from K-Z and 12-3 from B-Sak

Ms. Marcus: 12-3 from San-Z and all of 12-4


Mr. James Allen
215-400-7580, ext. 2, ext. 3

Ms. Adelaida Claudio-Nelson
215-400-7580, ext. 2, ext. 2

Ms. Heather Marcus
215-400-7580, ext. 2, ext. 4