On December 7th at 4 p.m. the Board of Education will hold an Action Meeting followed by the Intermediate Unit meeting. Find materials here.

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2019 Scholastic Key Winners

2019 Scholastic Key Winners

Congratulations to three students for being awarded with Scholastic Keys!

Legally Blonde The Musical 2023


March 2nd, March 3rd, and March 4th at 6:30 pm – Tickets sold at the door – $10

Masterman Blood Drive

Masterman Blood Drive

Masterman staff and eligible students can donate blood on February 25.

Reading Olympics 2019 Lists

I.               Intermediate List 2019 Applegate, Katherine Wishtree Arnold, Elana A Boy Called Bat Baskin, Nora Raleigh Ruby on the Outside Chanani, Nidhi Pashmina Clements, Andrew The Losers’ Club Conkling, Winifred Sylvie and Aki DuPrau, Jeanne City of Ember George, Jessica Day Tuesdays at the Castle Graff, Lisa Absolutely Almost Holm, Jennifer Full of Beans Kelly,…