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Before School Hours:

Monday through Friday: 7:40 AM- 8:10 AM

After School Hours:

Tuesday through Thursday: 3:19 PM- 4:20 PM

Writing Center 8th Period

Wed- Library

Thurs- Room 301

Ink Drinkers Book Club

Lunch times Mon.

Destiny is our school library’s catalog. Click here to:

  • log in to your account and see your overdues
  • search the catalog for resources
  • check the Home page for other valuable sites like POWER Library and Citation Helps.

Our mission is to improve student writers, not to write the students’ paper.

How It Works:

Click here to complete a Writing Center referral form.

  • Any student needing or wanting help with his/her writing can make an appointment.
  • Students receive one-on-one instruction so scheduling an appointment is necessary to ensure that we have sufficient Fellows to serve the students.
  • Students need to come to the appointment with an assignment to brainstorm and plan/draft some piece of writing. We will talk to the students about the assignment and teacher’s expectations, but it is helpful–especially if the writing is part of a big assignment–if we had a copy of the assignment.

Writing Center Hours:

  • Wednesday, 8th period in the IMC
  • Thursday, 8th period in Room 301

Follett Shelf

The Masterman School Library’s e-book collection is growing. Teachers can use available e-books for instruction on the interactive whiteboard; students can read e-books on the following electronic devices: computer, iPad, iPod, smartphone, Kindle Fire, and Nook. Currently, students can read e-books online by logging onto the web address below. Students who want to check out an e-book need to ask Ms. Kearneyto register their accounts. We are working out a way to download the student’ names in one file so that Destiny will be integrated with Follett Shelf. Most of our e-books are set for individual check out; however, if an infinity sign appears by a book icon, the book has unlimited access and can be used by multiple users at the same time. Like print books, e-books have a circulation of two weeks. The book will expire from the device but may be checked out again. Most of our e-books are informational or reference books.

Access #1:

Username: student

Password: student

(This will work until the student gets his/her own account.)

Access #2:

Catalog Tab>Library Search: ‘ebooks’ click KEYWORD>A list of e-books in our collection will appear.

Other Free E-books

Project Gutenberg:

Open Culture:

Amazon Cheap Reads for Kindle:


Last modified: November 26, 2018