School Nurse

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School Nurse, Ms. Amy Shalala

(215) 400 – 7580 ext. 1

All new students, as well as students entering 6th and 11th grades, are required to have a physical examination (MEH-1 form) completed by their doctor by September. Also, if your child needs to take any medication in school, please have their doctor complete the MED-1 form and return to the school nurse. Medication is not allowed to be given in school without the completed form. This includes asthma inhalers, epi-pens and any over the counter medication. Students are not allowed to bring medication to school without the completed MED-1.



New Immunization Requirements for 2018 – 2019

All students entering 12th grade in August 2018 will be required to have a 2nd dose of the meningococcal vaccine (MCV) by the start of the school year.

All students entering 7th grade in August 2018 need to have the adult dose of TDAP and the meningococcal vaccine (MCV). Please submit to the school nurse by the start of the school year.

 It is a state requirement that all 7th grade students have a dental exam on file. Please have the enclosed form completed and returned to the school nurse by the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

All new students entering 5th through 8th grades, and all students entering 6th grade and 11th grades need a physical examination form completed by their physician and submitted to the school nurse.