Senior Project Program

Greetings Students and Parents,

You can find all documents related to the Senior Project Program in this folder. A description of the documents is below:

  • The parent letter contains the most detailed description of the project, and I encourage you to print it out for your reference.
  • The Mentor Directory contains a list of agencies who may want to serve as internship sites. Please let Mr. Swan know if any information needs updating. New entries are in bold. Students are free to find sites that are not listed in our directory. See Mr. Swan if you know of any new agencies who want to be added to the list.
  • The mentor letter should be shared with potential mentors as students try to secure their internships. Make sure that mentors know their responsibilities for this project.
  • The proposal is the official agreement between student and mentor, and should be filled out TOGETHER by both parties (a mentor signature is required). It is designed to encourage mentors and students to flesh out learning objectives, schedules, and special duties so that the students know what to prepare for before the beginning of the experience. A panel will provide feedback on these proposals to help guide students in the right direction. After feedback is provided, parents need to sign the proposal.
  • The industry analysis assignment is a brief research paper that is due on Tuesday, May 26th, during the middle of the internship experience. It is required that they interview at least one person at their site to complete this assignment, and we encourage them to do this before their internship so that they familiarize themselves with the agency. Ms. Kearney will speak to senior seminar classes to help them with their research.

These materials and others were shared with students in their Senior Seminar classes via Google Classroom. Please peruse them carefully so that you don’t miss any important dates or requirements. The final submission date for project proposals is March 9th. By this time, students are expected to have found a mentor and developed learning objectives along with a tentative schedule for their projects.

For quick reference, below is a condensed summary of the Senior Project timeline. If students are having trouble with any component of the project, they should see Mr. Swan as soon as possible for assistance so to avoid point deductions for lateness/lack of quality. We are here to help make this experience as meaningful as possible!

Contact Cody Swan at with any questions, or if you would like to learn more about hosting a Masterman senior intern at your workplace.


Cody Swan

Senior Project Coordinator


January – February/March: Students reach out to potential sites via email and phone

Thursday, February 13th: Early submission date for proposals (5 bonus points out of 100 total for project)

Week of Feb. 17th: Students receive feedback on their proposals if submitted early

Monday, March 9th: Submission deadline for project proposals. Feedback will be provided this week and next

March – May 17th: Students prepare for their internships by meeting with mentor to discuss expectations for project. The interview component of the industry analysis assignment may also be completed during this time to help the student get comfortable with the agency.

May 18th – May 29th: Students will be interning at their sites

Tuesday, May 26th: Industry analysis assignment due to Mr. Swan

Friday, May 29th: Mentors must submit evaluations to Mr. Swan by 12PM

Monday, June 1st – Friday, June 5th: Students will present on their experiences 1st – 5th periods in the library or Rooms 101/103 (mentors and parents welcome to attend and/or evaluate)