Website Evaluation

Google and Bing are the names of two popular search engines. There are many others. Google and Bing are not websites.

The basic criteria for evaluating a website:






(Who wrote it?)

(Is the information correct?)

(Is the site current?)

(Is there in-depth information?)

(Is there bias? Opinion? Is the site trying to sell or persuade? What is the extension?)

Publication information required for citing a website:

Author. (If given)  “Title of article.” (If given) Name of site. (If given) Date of

publication or last update. (if given) Sponsoring organization or

publisher. (If  given) URL. Date accessed.



Sample Website Entry:

Stewart, Hayden. “Let’s Eat Out: Full-Service or Fast Food?” Amber Waves.

Sept. 2004. USDA Economic Research

waves/2018/march . Accessed on 2 Mar. 2008.